We are meteorites
heaved into
Dense swamp.

We are not
of this place

Pine needles
stinging nostrils
Like gasoline

We recognize each
in ourselves

We recognize ourselves
in each

(A dancing candlestick wick
To its walled shadow)

And who are you but
the winged owl
who swoops past my face?

And who am I but

I strike the match

I have already



Eye am the fluxing pupil in the needle I have seen
I am the jester hunchback, and the king within the queen,

I am the silent winter shouting poems unto the spring
My thighs unfurl, my lips they curl each time I feel Earth sing

I lift my mug, and rivers weep into my crooning throat
Asphyxiate and drown myself within the fortress moat

And through the folds in time within which linear lines bleed
The wrinkle between “yours” and “mine” creates all that misleads

My every word slips off the tongue in snaking vortexed prayer
It boomerangs through the abyss of my internal atmosphere.

Oh lash my face with pealing laughter, peeling skin from paradigm
I see you ‘neath the lacerations, patiently dissolving time.


I love you.

You are so much broader than any form you could pretend to be.
You expand beyond the perimeter of my periphery.
I know in your embrace is fate and destiny
This flesh it shields my vision of our unity

Lace and mace they blind me, so I sing my plea
Let what’s free be valued highly, may what’s valuable be free
May the gifts of Magi stimulate our sensory degrees
And the temperature rising raise us vibratorily

The body temple swims in subatomic soupy sea
My life it floats within you, everything is energy

(There is no missing you,
life is spent kissing you)
My every motion is fluid devotion
Perpetually floating, I run towards the ocean

The air that surrounds me has limitless boundaries
And Morphing Amoebas of mass that confound me


You know who is breathing you -
Same Lover who’s teething you -
Scratch skin and you feel it’s his paws that are kneading you
snaking in rhythm’s seductive seeding of you

Of knowing.
And growing.
And blowing wide open.

Embody the Enigma

We are hot blooded creatures
of bone and electric potential.
We require exploration
like a thick skinned
Or a cavernous sea.


Her depths require an argonaut to scry within their oceans.
Her ribs require ten tender fingers prying with devotion.
O stir the cauldron of her earth 'till glaciers are unfrozen.
Flaring from eyes, hot fire sighs with searing saline potions

Her wisdom must be deeply sought with open ears of vision,
Her moons and tides swum fearlessly, despite wave's cool collision
Seek, find and purify by witnessing her skin of Elements.
Embody the enigma and embrace effortless elegance.

There she rests
The goddess
Not waiting to be witnessed
Witnessing herself.

(waiting patiently to be witnessed)



I AM what i am what i am what i am

Magdalene the queen, I am Madonna the Mama
The ice that sweats and dissipates to purify the sauna

I am not safe nor dangerous, I pull the IV drip
I’ll slit the wrists of Self with just a flick of a tongue tip

I've absorbed the qualities of all the people I embraced
Whether soft as downy feathers or sharp as stinging mace
This is the importance, Love, of knowing my own face
and Delineating boundaries that define my space.

(They could smell my Heat like two sharks in bloody waters
I do this for You, I call forth my daughters)

There were three on the bed
and the trinity said
“If you’re looking to be led,
find a leech, best get bled
it’s the buzzing in your head
it’s the buzzing in your head
What you’re fed
What you're fed
It is dead
It is dead

In the bed of the Buyer
Sleeps the bread that the fire
Far beyond all recognition
Turn the key, implode ignition
Counting out the crude emissions
Advertising acquisitions

I know, I don’t know anything
So I flow, surrender when I sing

My heart has been frostbitten,
(pour my soul into the stream)
Break me open, it's been written,
let me wake within my dream


I call forth the Muse
of infinite expression.
I call forth the Muse
of infinite expansion.

Stretching fingertips to the edge of the unpasteurized Milky Way,
(all creaking bones and howling moans)

I call forth the Muse of fervent surrender.
Of cat-like aggression,
Of lip dripping faith,
And Hip-hooping

I call forth the Muse.

I call forth she who rests beneath
the breath
I call forth she who heaves beneath
the breast

I call forth the Muse.

I call forth a frothing river of
Inspiration Integration
Coursing through the brain,
(Our veins -
stained scarlet, scarred)

All throaty breath
and Sonic death

I call forth every Muse:

The Seer
The seen
The careless
The preened
The fearful and vain
The faithful and sane

I call forth.


A lighthouse penetrates the fog.
Within the grey, my gaze is gauzed.
It binds me in a bubble clear.
Asphyxiating atmosphere.

Identity she chokes my throat
And warbles like a whisping note.
Serene, she sleeps within my head.
Snores so soundly she shakes my bed.

I peel two lips back from my teeth,
For cells are puckering beneath
Three introverted downcast eyes.
One stare implodes my alibis.

When iris widens it can see
Black hole of its humanity.
Reaching for connectivity
Roots ground the birthing of the tree.


The head of Horus casts his gaze.
Sphere gauntlet of a cyclic maze.
A Cyclops guards the labyrinth.
His eye weeps ocular absinthe.

The streaming spokes are twisted spines
Paths infinitely intertwined.
The lure of wavelengths on the rise
Can pull the beaching of the tides.


Sharp shard of sliver, shivering
Slick ray of silver, quivering
into a pot still simmering
of ocean droplets shimmering!


Her troughs and crests come into view
Material form melts to dew
Behold! Fire, water, earth and sky
break down the bone, vibrate the lie.


Glacier Ice where a warm lake stood
Tree Trunk, whittling its wood
Can't blink twice, without change occurring
Can't roll dice, without fate and fortune blurring

Was it the armor or the knife, who dared the duel
Was it the husband or the wife who was kindly cruel
Was it the Ice or the cube who played it cool
As the distance grew between me and you

We leave, so we can come home
We bleed, so we can drink bone
The key, is together, alone
The lock is the thing we think we own
We leave, so we can come home
We bleed, so we can drink bone
The key is the path we peel and hone
The lock is when our minds are set in stone

Painted faces
running spiraled races
and the trippy thing is we stumble chasing home run bases
while the media blitzing crowd
is shouting so darned loud
We can't hear the cheers
beneath our peers
all beckoning us to bow

out of the staged charade
to lead our own crusade
Parading off the field,
to freedom revealed,
on a path unpaved

Was it the pitcher or the batter
that the hero braved
Was it the mind or the matter
that the men enslaved?

We leave, so we can come home
We bleed, so we can drink bone
The key, is together, alone
The lock is the thing we think we own
We leave, so we can come home
We bleed, so we can drink bone
The key is the path we peel and hone
The lock is when our minds are set in stone


I harvest my emotions like embers
(Shiver me timbers,
render me limber)

The fire that fuels my potion, it simmers
(Quivers like rivers
covered in shivers)
You are an ever timeless

A clever rhymestress,

You set your skin upon the ground
and kiss the grass, inhale its sound.
The heat that rises from the earth
can fuel the cauldron of self-worth.

Sweet elemental souls we Be
Birthed from the root of ancient tree.
Into these forms we came to See
And to reflect in Three times Three.

Will e'er a comrade know our truth?
(Engraved upon a wisdom tooth
plucked from the belly of a whale
that swims the sea searching its tail?)

This matters not, for freedom lies
Outside of squinting, scrying eyes
of mortal men who rise and fall
Who never saw Life, True, at all.


True Love is pure vein oxygen, affection is heart food
Two hands are bound together, and thus labor pains subdued.

The goddess she is giving birth, her eyes are on the sun
Her gaze burns with perspective, this illusion comes undone.

Let they who hold your truth High be apostles of your soul
Who know you to be warmest light, while you are shivering cold.

Should you mistake All's perfection, misguided by ego
In haste do rectify the rift, lest its delusion grow.

The witness of your Gift knows deeply who you are at Best
(Encourage the emerging form and it will manifest!)

Journey with those who know your truth, not trips which they project.
Your temple quivers and transcends when You and It reflect.

o Sweet Spirit!!!
...Creator of molecularly fractalized galaxies ...

May the poetry be my medicine

I call upon thee to help me forgive myself
for not always being Gentle
with my Earth Angels.

(the One In the mirror, as well as My Mirrors)

And embrace the inherent perfection
that Is. that Has Been. that Ever Will



It’s a circumvented circumstance -
The pause before a word.
Watch it burst upon a moment
Like a thirsty hummingbird

In the nectar of potential
Every kingdom rests in peace.
In the flash of lightning’s brightness
All could crumble to our feet

So we choose our moment slowly
And with care we sculpt our script
and we linger with the words
Before they fall forth from our lips

So we choose expression wisely
And we breathe to hold back fire,
And we burn through our reactions
with a blazing funeral pyre

On the wings of wild abandon
rests the infinite abyss
While the breath of clear direction
flutters forth, a precious kiss


Cool fever. Feed me.
I have no hunger.
You are the ocean
I am osmosis.
You draw the depths of me
on the skin of my dilated pupil.
There I am perching, flooding, immersing
my infinite into your ocean of art.
Here I am surging, electric pulse burning
a hole in the rings of the tree that I bark.

There you are toeing, within the hair, bowing
the pulp of the music that sings through my heart
Here we are playing,
While skin is decaying
and freeing from bondage What keeps us apart
I am not your judgments of me, I never have been and I never will be
I am not my judgments of me, I never have been and I never will Be
Maiden is surging
From sleeping to merging
A lightning strike, deep
in the calm of my keep.

(And in the distance in the corner,
House sounds squeaking and squawking
a parakeet choking on sweetbread and malted feathers).
Here I am sitting one leggedly crossed
With TP in ears, cotton shrapnel and moss.
I hum, fill the drum, try to drown out the mess
that i might more seamlessly merge with your Yes.
It's an addiction so you give yourself over to it
Holding the globe, feeling the flow of it
Dipping your toes in the
well, now just go with it.
In the back room walls are riddled with red
From writhing and snaking through marbling lead
O taste my devotion and fire my grid
I'll hold you forever, as minding, we bend.
Your rhythm within me is lips to my wine
it feels you've been stitched as the grapes on my vine

A skeleton to flesh
A merging suit and vest
your lip to my mouth pressed
the quilted stitching of a nest
Blood salt in the mouth, blessed
An infant to my breast
From orange peel to zest
our porousness at best
a wave trough to its crest
the sleep within the rest
the ribcage to the chest
the ego to impressed

"But the ego isn't real!"


"But I have a 22-pointed theory about the dissolution of egoic tendencies, and...Shit!
The ego isn't real?
The ego isn't … real!"
Your words complete my thoughts
and i'm indebted to the debtors
the breath within asphyxiation,
words burn within my letters.

The pegs within the clocktower, folding into place
they click with crackling fire that steams and warms my furnaced face

Ever upwards, ash ascending
There you'll find us burning bills
Ever upwards, sky descending
making sense of
and wills.


There is that moment
within a breath.
That gap. That. Pause.
-in between-
the inhale and the exhale
-in between-
the rush of illogical heart palpitations
and the flurry of logical thought

Where the vortex
of life's infinite magnetism
spirals you down the drain
of Destiny
and into the abyss
of infinite potential

Beyond all planning
beyond all sensibilities of reason
and rhyme
Beyond all wounds
Beyond all fears
Beyond all turrets and castle walls

We may curl fetally
(more comfortable in the complacency
of chronic discomfort).
Or we may hold our breath
and Jump.

As you dive into the vacuum
Beware the starlight
doesn't blind you
Better Yet,
don't Beware
but Stare straight at the
and Gasp.


It's the vacuous disease of verbal discourse
It is entering the freeze of wild winter’s force
It's the buckling of knees as they veer off course
It is doing as we please, and ignoring Source.

Whilst the mysteries abound, preachers still presume
Whilst loud lip service is crowned, stillness leaves the room
Whilst the mouths move without sound, silence slays the gloom
Meanwhile all that is profound lies within life’s tomb.


I love just how you sew your seams the more you come unglued
I love to bathe within your arms wherein my soul is nude
With every kiss upon my lips my eyes pool deeper blue
With every word the wilderness within us is renewed

Wild creatures, we are in the night, and more so in the day
We rest within the work, and we work within the play.
The lightness of a heavy heart is only as we weigh
its truth or fiction, both we choose, and both lead us astray

The wisdom of our merged forces it forms a union true
like orbs that link and loop-di-loop, in Sound's infinite coo
Our voices rise and claim the prize, sonic consciousness coup
My darling, life is genius, and the force is strong in you


I am congregating with myself, (my pores are pickling)
I am breathing in and out, (my lungs, like toes, are tickling)

And we are the ones who makes everything fun
except when we are done and we'd rather just run
From the speech masquerading as soul,
squirrels are climbing a pole,
just to eat all the seeds that fall effortlessly,
should they wait
and be patiently baited
like all of the rest of the grass blades who mated
for life on the ground,
speaking silence with sound.

And the metaphysical sleuths
throw snowballs at you,
one upping
the obvious schtupping
of goo,
left behind when ice melts
into stains on your pelt,
and you've nothing to say ('cept perhaps how you felt)

But you don't. Because how real are feelings if illusion
is melting into ones and zeros of silent congealing confusion.
That finally makes sense.
(Or does it?
Or will it eventually?
So why bother, really).

And it's safe behind the walls of abstraction
where we meet each other without real interaction
And the Oneness and twoness
of eyeballs in unison
meet in the middle
where they try to fiddle
and greet one another,
but fools fall asunder
the tritisms of an electrical fence
that sizzles and fizzles and cowers when bent.
By the blissfully unrequited satisfaction
Of hearts that pulse in rhythmic refractions

And songs that fly like owls
And satiate the yin yang's howls

And the soft words that melt all the snowfall away,
They're ironically timed,
Like the clock and the chime :::
Never really face to face
But floating gently in outer space

Where the cosmos roars
And the otters play
And laugh
As they always do.

And music is love
Below and Above.


i Know Thee, Bodhi
by Maesyn

His glowing eyes are embers from a fire built long ago.
We stoked and fueled the Yuletide logs, threw slush balls in the snow
This man whose eyes pool wide, there by my side has been, I know
Through centuries and lifetimes, bending shadow into glow.

I met him in a forest once, when I was just a maid
He galloped up and swept me off my feet and swiftly laid
a garland green upon my head, "here take this ring" he said.
Within that sacred moment my sweet love and I were wed

We danced like this in spirals in and out of gender's suits
One time he was a gypsy who played lute while I played flute
Until the landlord came with guns, and blood dripped from his boot
We sang unto the morning, weeping, then like birds fell mute.

We intertwined another time when "he" was but a "she"
Her batting eyes could not disguise the love she felt for me
Her father would not make our match, and so we chose to flee
I bought a boat and learned to sail, we swam across the sea

Another time he came to me, a creature oh so small
From purrs to nuzzles, my sweet cat, he watched me rise and fall
He lay upon my breast at night, content beneath his paw
And knew someday he'd come again and on my finger gnaw

I bathed his feet in India beneath a Bodhi tree
He did not speak a word but bore the mark of three times three
I said "your clothes are simple yet a king's heart lies in thee"
He told me "Child you first must die to death to then be free"

I birthed him once in Bethlehem, and underneath a star
I raised him to believe in love, he loved to raise the bar
I watched him as he died one day, and wept as blood turned scar
He whispered freedoms from above and told me "Near is far"

For nothing is beyond the moment, and the more we reach
The more we find we have to learn; the more we try to teach.


by Maesyn

It seems a long gasp ...
between the slip ... and the fall.

--Soles of my shoes (bare tread)
slipping from stone into gurgling river --
as my Form hopped lava river rocks tonight
at the base of a creviced ridge range...

Soul shooed away Precaution, beckoned Faith -
*Leap! Trust!*
As the ankle collapsed upon itself
(a perfectly executed
foible of flexibility)
And the foot whooshed gracefully
from Podium to Trough....

A silent moment
of Timelessnness
my falling formlessness
and Together we gulped unabashedly
from the cascading river of Surrender

Seeing, in substance,
(through Jungle's intimate portrait)
the sheer ecstatic beauty
of a jolted - moment - of -


(every deed - an Active Seed & an Act of Seed)



Please universe,
May I strive to always look
beneath sheath of skin and mucous membrane
(down to the very
eyeball's nucleus)

Ocular black hole.

May I choose to see through
to the beauty and perfection
of the messages
and the messengers
written into my script

(The wrinkly-eyed angel sat with me tonight
and spelled out Life
in mountain man parables
of self-contradiction and
willingly woeful
mis-woven veils
of verbose perspective).

to see as I CHOOSE to SEE!! ~
....(and an "Aha" moment collapses
in upon itself)...


the man in black he bends again
to whisper in your ear my friend
he'll eat your heart like wiggly worms,
devouring the devilish squirms

The debutantes of dischord are
disarmingly direct, they mar
the stain of your self sacrifice,
and giggle, whispering, shh, think twice

I am shakti I am shiva
See me snake and feel me breathe, ah!
With watering eyes, the liquid lie,
Illusion, melts within my fires

He builds a circle made of stones
To hold my body and my moans
The crackling flames give birth to ash
Upon my forehead, eyes and lashes

My heart is wide my wounds are old
Your faith is strong, your arms are bold
My love, devotion to you is
a rhythmic and resplendent kiss

I am shakti I am shiva
See me snake and watch me breathe
With watering eyes, the liquid lie,
Illusion, melts within my fires

Oh my love, you dissipate
the aching of storied heartbreak
And where my bones were crushed to dust
You blow them with a single gust

Your wind is like a sacred breath
That rests its mouth upon my breast
Where once words wandered, winter stormed,
Your spring gives birth to focused form

I am shakti I am shiva
See me snake and watch me breathe
With watering eyes, the liquid lie,
Illusion, melts within my fires

the gravel underfoot is laced
with bones and ashes, soot and mace
the fires that flamed the gates of hell
have bidden me a fond farewell

Your love is fluid oxygen
that feeds the smile beneath my grin
Our laughter is the medicine
That nourishes the love within

With watering eyes, the liquid lie,
Illusion, melts within my fires


The river wisdom weaves its winding course
Through forests thicketed and golden fields
Beside a trail once drawn by mule and horse
Who stopped to drink the nectar that it yields

And some years rain was thick and fell like snow
and other years a drought drank through a straw
the banks they rose and fell, like things we "know"
can turn from postulations into "law".

And over time the travelers built a dam
To gather water pooling there to drink
But as the highways surged, so too did trams.
Cars zipping by missed not the missing link.

The gushing water stagnated and spoiled
And no one stopped to drink its healing balm
And men who once drank deeply now just toiled
And did not heed the pulsing in their palms.

For as it is in streams, it is in veins.
Wise insight is a gift that must be sipped
by those who treasure heart space over brains.
Who know it is their job, the scales to tip.

One day there came a man with shoulders strong
His vehicle broke down beside the bank
And as he sat and ran his toes along
the surface, suddenly vexation sank.

He kicked aside the logs and trash that blocked
the pool from flowing freely. He was awed
as its swollen potential was unlocked
He looked into the current and found God

The path that parallels the Flow of truth
Is full of passengers just speeding by
And boats that turn away, who fear to sleuth
and face the blockages of rotting lies.

When we withhold or try to hoard our gifts,
or share not what was given, like "our" land
we barricade the doors and dam the flow
Each knock in life is rapping from god's hands.


The fury that he stirs in me can start
a million fuses burning like grenades
of wounds ancient and timeless in my heart
And roles played out through centuries, charades.

I watch as though a witness, serving god
as words arc from my mouth like arrowed swords
I see them pierce his armor and facade
I know my song is of a different chord

And just as such, I see he is as I
A warrior of love through fear and pain
electrifying lightning in the sky,
a finger in the dike through pouring rain.

Our battles are the wars out in the world.
Our global warming, frozen soular caps.
Opposing magnetism, boy and girl,
repel and rewrite history's misread maps

I know we can reseed this barren field
where men and women clashed for centuries
I see the oak whose destiny is sealed
And give thanks for the autumn falling leaves

For although death appears to have a grasp
on trees in winter, still their legs root deep
and in springtime when proper time has lapsed
their branches birth anew and wake from sleep

So let us wear these faces, speak these words
and venture through the firestorm of fear
We'll break the patterns of our ancestors
Just hold my hand and know that Love is here.


Underneath the stalk of a coconut tree
There crashed two buffoons, my sweet Monkey and me
Both laughing and revving our autos with glee,
Who knew how effective joint effort could be?

Our knees they were sandy, our cheeks they were red
His lapped me like candy where my elbows bled
Provokingly, scratching his forehead he said,
"Can we know Nothingness before we are dead?"

I said, "My darling, you nurture my heart
With such a fullness that I'm emptied, in part,
of things that once bound me, the self-defined charts.
Blessed liquid language of your non martial arts.

The glimmering spark in your eye, it encases
Creative potential and bypassed rat races.
Releasing the constructs that locked us in places
We're finally free to behold our true faces.

For when I reflect upon my visage own
I see the chiseled cheeks of how I have grown.
And when I gaze at you resting on your throne
I see only Love, no trace of flesh and bone."

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