I make Art as medicine for myself – to guide me home towards the principles I wish to embody on my quest to grow and evolve into my highest potential as a human.

Everyone and everything around me is my teacher. I integrate and output my observations on life via poems, prose, narrative blogs, and songs … to weave a breadcrumb path.

Songs are spells that weave a rhymed, rhythmic, melodic code. Mine are intended as self-reflection mental medicine, for the purpose of reprogramming the mental computer

I love emanating energy through sound, while stimulating perspective potentiality and creating a feedback loop to elevate the frequency of the cells of souls unfolding.



“Yes! So excited to share the amazing Maesyn’s new release, Energy. Maesyn is one of my long time muses, someone who’s music has always moved my heart and body to shake off the tethers of anything standing in the way to total liberation of the spirit.

Her live performances are off the hook delicious, infused with potent shakti coming through as she makes sweet love to her violin and speaks oracular wisdom from the ancient epoch of singularity.

I’m loving this musical evolution of hers, with her brand new release. These songs are funky, danceable, with important messages and genius musical musings. She is a wild force of brilliance, a flaming hot star on fire with the love of a thousand warrior queens. Enjoy 🙂

-Mandakini’s Muse (music blog)

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