Sometimes the world can feel like a vast ocean. We know we are droplets, all floating in this unified field of water, but it often feels so isolating being a human.

It’s hard to find your team, or even a single person, to make you feel supported, uplifted, safe and connected.

Mark Hinds is That Person. (For so many of us).

He IS a living legend.

And i am privileged to call him one of my dearest friends, as well as a patron of the arts to my dreams

There is not a day that goes by that i don’t give thanks (literally) a dozen times per day for all of his kindnesses. And his existence.

I look around my life at everything he has done to uplift me, to support my dreams, to uplevel my consciousness, to inspire and encourage my growth – and it feels unbelievable.

I tell him almost every time we speak, that he is the single greatest human being on the face of the planet.

And he is so humble that he won’t even take the compliment.

Mark has been my friend, my mentor, my patron, my straightup ANGEL for the last 4 years. We have gone through life and death together, I have witnessed him go through the most challenging experiences imaginable (unimaginably so), with acceptance in his heart, and wisdom on his lips.

I am truly in awe of who he is and the way he shows up on the planet. He is one of those people whose devotion to his mission is the centerpiece of his life, and yet he still makes the time to support the people around him. Even the ones he barely knows.

I was around him day in and day out for years, and never did I see him take a single day off of tediously working, even when he was incapacitatingly ill. And we are talking 18 hour days. Every day. The man is superhuman.

Mark’s heart is a jewel unlike any other I have ever witnessed.

He is the type of human who will give everything he has and sacrifice his own needs to make sure that the people around him are provided for (always with extraordinary generosity).

In his quest to change the world for the better in a big way, he has even at times been bullied by unstable people who don’t know the depths of his integrity and soul, nor the facts and details of his life and businesses … and it breaks my heart to see people misunderstand him.

99.9999% of the people I know worship Mark. And the other .0001 % of people simply don’t actually know him. If they did they would be awed, as I am, as we all are – by his goodness.

Standing by his side day in and day out, year after year, I watched him hold compassion and acceptance for the very people who were going out of their way to try and slander him and hurt his mission in the world.

The grace and heartfelt beauty of Mark’s soul is so inspiring. He is my mentor. He holds such a deep spiritual space of wholeness within his Core, that the silly mortal dramas of people with their misinformed limited perspectives can’t even touch him. He is an earth angel in my life and in the lives of so many.
As I travel the country sharing my music, I watch as over and over I encounter people who have met Mark, whose lives he has touched. I hear endless stories from hundreds of people about how kind or thoughtful he was when they met him.

How he supported them or took time to educate them, from the vast annals of his brilliant brain. Everyone I meet is in Awe of him and his genius. He shares his wealth of information and cutting edge knowledge so generously with all he meets.

I am in awe of Mark, and I feel so privileged to have been blessed to experience the core of his soul on such a deep personal level. His depths of amazingness just go on and on, the more you know him.

He has done more to support and uplift my mission on the planet than anyone. He takes the time and makes the effort, even when he is juggling a million other more important things. I didn’t even know such radical support and kindness was possible.
If I had one wish in the world, it would be to see him receive this same kind of unconditional support, upliftment and teamwork from a team of epic high level collaborators, to help bring his mission fully to life. He deserves the same level of support that he gives out – which is otherwordly and EPIC.

I tell him regularly – “You aren’t even human. I truly believe that you are a ninja angel warrior king from another dimension. And you are here to save the world.”

I have seen behind the scenes of his life day in and day out, and he is as constant as the North Star in his integrity and heart. It is beyond an honor and a priviledge to deeply know this man, this legend, this Being of Goodness, this warrior of devotion to his mission to help this planet.

I used to feel so alone in the world. It was daunting to try and accomplish anything from that space.  Simply knowing that Mark has my back, and watching him support and uplift me into my highest potential … has changed the landscape of my entire Being.

I am a different person because I have known Mark Hinds.

I am a better person because i have known Mark Hinds.

I honor you, my kind angel friend, my teacher, my friend. You wonderful human.

This planet is so lucky that you exist.Because of your presence in the world, The Ocean in which I swim feels safe and comforting, instead of lonely and cold.

Thank you.Thank you.

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