Music is so powerful as an outlet for emotional expression!!

Today I taught a lesson to my favorite violin student, a little girl who beams joy and talent. Normally a weekly student who practiced diligently and would make any teacher proud, she had disappeared for over a month.

I had heard that her sweet parents had decided to separate, and she had moved several times in the meantime, but I hadn’t seen her.

When I arrived, she seemed cheerful and excited to play. But when she picked up her violin, it was dusty and out of tune. She told me she hadn’t practiced since our last lesson.

We began playing our scales, and I could feel her sadness palpably in the room. I stopped and asked her if she was alright. She said yes, but as we continued our notes, tears started seeping from her eyes, and she began to sob.

I threw my violin on the floor and embraced her.

I feel like a mama to all my “kids” (I have 7 little girls who I work with consistently, and I get very attached to them, cheering them on, and watching their skills blossom.

It was such a tender moment of vulnerability, seeing this cheerful little hardworking creature go through her emotions. She told me what was wrong, and explained that she didn’t know how to feel better.

My solution was to teach her vibrato – the way you make a violin warble and weep. It’s usually a more advanced technique that you teach a student a bit further along in their development, but it was vividly a tool she needed as a way to make her violin really sing with emotion,

I explained to her that instead of putting her violin away during challenging times – it was the best way for her cope with her feelings – to play her instrument, and put all of her emotions into the notes.

You hold a violin close to your heart, and its wood transmits your heart frequencies out through the strings into the world as sound.

I have never seen a child master vibrato so quickly. It was instantaneous. There was a greater force at work, it was her Passion and her angst, needing that outlet. I have never seen a student grock a teaching so instantly.

The rest of the lesson, whether we were playing scales or songs or improvising, she burst with a tone unprecedented. Her entire essence of musicality began to burst with life and heart and soul, where before she was technically proficient, but had not mastered her own emotive “voice”

By the end of the lesson, she was all aglow. I suggested whenever she felt sad, that she walk out in the woods and play her instrument to the trees. By the time I left she was the same buoyant little girl I have always known.

I am always amazed by the power of music to heal my wounded heart back to life after difficult times. I have never seen it so tangibly in action before me, in a mirror of my inner child.

I am so grateful for amazing students, who teach me so much. May I always remember to take my own advice. Playing music – the best way to move energy and emotion.

Sweet sweet creature … these muddling pains caused by the world drive us to find our home within, and express it outwardly, so our inner suffering doesn’t build cobwebs in the corners of our shadowy places.

And that is the gift. Let there be light! Let there be music! Aho!


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I dove between the dewdrops of delineated time
To see if I could seek the deep mystique ‘neath veined bloodlines.
They weave like rivers roaring and erode the great divide
Red waters flow, the winds they know, the sculptor rests inside.

So fill my lungs to bursting and unleash the fire within
I Will my flesh to know its nature, birthing beneath skin
I beckon to the gurgling streams of singing violins
Dissolve the bones and rocks and stones – tall tales of what has Been.

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I realized the other day that what really turns me on is feeling honored, witnessed, understood, deeply appreciated and sincerely purely adored.

Sensory sensation? Alright, sensuous sensory creatures that we may be – we can transcend our one dimensional conditioning and find satiation everywhere! My cat’s nuzzling affections can make my spine sizzle and my hair stand on end. The wind can breathe down my neck and whisper in my ear. I seek a higher stimulation for my body temple, one that is sacred and reverential. Slow dripping molasses.

Intellectual conversation? Sapiosexual though my inclinations may be, I’ve met many men who can talk a mile a minute and temporarily satiate your intellectual hunger with all manners of stimulation & dangled carrots of mystical and factual knowledge. Yet Show me a treasure truly unique and unreplicatable…? (a heart shiver from the depths of inner knowing)

Compliments? Eh … anyone can stroke your ego. May I not be allured by honeysweet words and romantic lines that can be waved like flags at every attractive face, seeking the first taker.

BUT – Being witnessed fully and immersed in the sincere heart frequency of mutual innocent adorational LOVE and deep soul connection??

Aaachtt! You cannot wrap word strands around a sincere stimulated Heart Feeling. Different than hormonal, chemical, or mentally induced “feelings”

Sizzle sizzle, Truth fo’shizzle!

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That which we will not question is that which we are uncertain of.

I am always grateful for that deep sigh within myself … the unbristling of the quills of self protection…, the willingness my soul has to look at what lessons and reflections the universe of offering me for my own growth… (especially when confronted with challenges)

When I think I know who a person is, or what a circumstance looks like … I box myself in. But When I take that deep breath and allow my consciousness to expand and see from a 360% angle, see all the possible perspectives … recognize that my version of reality has been distorted by the inherent nature of limited perspective ….

it is like the corset of life loosens ever so slightly. And I can taste Home on my tongue. The home we ache for when we want to crawl back into the womb, and from there back into the star cluster we were swimming in when we were conceived.

How do I perceive, and thus conceive my reality?

Owning that – There is satisfaction and peace there.

I love to question what i think I know. It is a good thing. Zees eez a very good thing…. And from here we unravel …

Peeling, healing, self revealing!

Peeling, healing, self revealing

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There’s always the IN breath and the OUT breath. We can’t judge either one.

For several years I have been functioning using dominantly the Right side of my brain – the creative, the abstract, the surrendered-to-the-flow aspect of my potential. Music, writing, video editing – this is how I spend

Looking back at my collegiate self, I knew i was capable of being active in both hemispheres … but I had somewhat shut down my identification with the Left. I didn’t realize that this left me functioning not fully in my power – not fully multidimensional. I also see where it was a crucial aspect of my cocoon .. strengthening my butterfly wings so that when the cocoon burst, i had the inner strength and grounding in metaphysics to be able to root those principles in the “real world”, and make and impact bridging the worlds. That is my intention.

I could not ignore when in recent weeks, I was offered an onslaught of stimuli to trigger me back into the activated usage of my dormant analytical critical thinking left brain.

I believe in the beauty of the pendulum swing – life activates our full embodiment of each polarity so that we can be fully familiar and immersed in both, and then find the middle ground of balance. I feel like a bystander in the process … amused and grateful.

For example –
I used to be overly affectionate and uber open and over-the-top friendly and trusting of everyone. Then I went through trauma and became mistrusting and self protective and shut down. — I feel now that i am emerging from that polarity, carrying the best of both worlds – I feel very open hearted – but I am armed with discernment about who I allow into my field.

I used to be very active in “trying to save the world” by doing social activism, identifying with the Macro and perpetually outputting energy to go volunteer with organizations and outreach programs..(reflecting and creating art out of looking at the world around me). ….

….Then I contracted and for several years went deeply within, identifying almost entirely with the abstraction of the metaphysical microcosm … working to heal my miniature planet, and the aspect of me that was being reflected in all Beings – (making art out of looking at the world within me). Now I find myself standing in the center, holding each orb in one hand, both pulsing with light.

I used to shun money and participation in the monetary system, finding ways to minimize all possessions and exchange my energy in barter, learning to live off the grid. …

….Now I find that i am curious to learn about the inner workings of the stock market, and the way the strings of the world are being pulled – knowing full well that functioning outside the system is possible. Embracing both polarities without denying either’s existence or current validity.

I used to focus on only writing lyrics. Now i am growing interested in cultivating my craft of Melody.

So many dichotomous aspects of potential to harmonize, so little time!

I find it very exciting to be present inside of my Being and receive life’s lessons for my multidimensional well-rounded expansion with open arms – receiving and implementing that which feels True … Discarding that which feels out of alignment …

Welcoming it all!

I am embracing that am simply not a Hippie anymore! I am a full blown woman, who contains aspects of hippie mentalities, but there is so much more. I have been hiding behind that for years, all the while realizing that it didn’t feel like a whole and complete way of showing up.

I love embracing those unknown places that beckon my expansion. I love it, i love it, I love it. I cannot wait to become ever more well-rounded, forging a bridge between the abstract and the material realms. Grounding my principles in the real world instead of having one tip toe in reality, and my head in the ethers.

we are capable of all things – I so enjoy the slow and gentle harmonization of dichotomy!

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I find my medicine in the expression of the written word. When I feel overwhelmed or confused or emotional, if I sit and let my heart fly out of my fingertips, suddenly the charge of electricity moves through me and I am centered again in serenity.

This delicate dance between faith and fear occasionally feels like walking a tightrope balance, in this wild world. I rarely experience dis-ease in myconsciousness anymore, so I know when I do it is my opportunity to practice my tools of transmutation, and grow stronger. It’s like being in self-control boot camp 101. Control our reactions.

That has been my lesson from all angles of the universe lately. Take. Charge. Of. My. Reactions.

In general daily life I feel effortlessly centered in my serenity and cheerful optimism … trusting with perfect faith that the propaganda machine cannot touch our Inner knowing of Truth.

And then on days like today, when I go into the city … when I have declared to myself that i want to be a pivot point between abstract and material realms … when I am inundated with people talking about tragedy and conspiracy theory and fact and disturbing news of Agriculture in bed with Military…

…on days like these I feel like I am wavering between my natural state of cheerful jubilance, and simultaneously on the edge of being out of breath, knot in the pit of my stomach twisting like a fist is grinding into my belly.

Today I have found myself worrying about the future and my loved ones, eyes momentarily filling with overwhelmed tears … then promptly welling up with a superhero sensation of being utterly prepared to transcend these feelings with pure Faith in the perfect Path that has guided us thus far.

I always come back to trusting the necessary polarity between light and dark – the dark gets darker and the light gets lighter. I always come back to my inner knowing – that all is Perfect, and that we are alchemists, transmuting energies with conscious intent.

I will not give them what they want. I will not let them get the best of me. I will not allow the to feed off of my personal battery of Power and Energy, molding me to their fear based will.

I will not buy into the story projected by the man behind the curtain. (what man? Don’t the mystics say everything is inside of us…?)

And I am met again by my old friend, abstract reality, and I always come back to that as my ultimate truth. (Is abstraction only a right brained association, and “reality” is left brained? I am not so sure)

I find comfort for these monsoons in the written word. Somehow, gypsy minstrel nomadic wandering hermit that I am, I find my home inside of my Inner World.

Some people have homes built of plywood and brick. I have a home built of poems and contemplations, and optimism, and wordplay, and translations of the sensations I feel in my heart.

Days like today, I feel extra sensitive to the spike in the collective consciousness of Pain, and i feel it inside of my body …. And I feel it is a LIE. I feel it is being done on purpose to puppet us.

And I say. BLEEP NO. What an excellent opportunity to go within.

Go within, go within … there, nothing can touch the seeds of intention planted in our bellies. There, Nothing can touch the Essential Nature of our Souls. Only from that space can we make a difference in the world.

“They” want us paralyzed. “They” want us anxious and outraged.

Bleep Them. BLEEP “THEM”. I am strong. I am powerful. You are strong. You are Powerful. We are invincible in our faith.

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Self care 101 – for personal frequency maintenance –

*~i~*<< PET AN ANIMAL >>*~i~*

I have puppy slobber all over my hands, and all is well with the world.

Answer. 😉



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I made this music video for my song “Sisterhood” last year in Maui. Enjoy!

You can find more music and videos at

I play violin, whistle, sing, write songs, play piano and guitar … edit video … and do all sorts of fun things to be perpetually creating!

May we all ooze with inspiration and creation!

This is my music video ode to Maui and the deep sister friendships that have elevated my life.

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By Maesyn


We are hot blooded creatures
of bone and electric potential.
We require exploration
like a thick skinned
Or a cavernous sea.


My depth requires an argonaut to scry within its ocean.
My ribs require ten tender fingers prying with devotion.
O stir the cauldron of my earth with spatulas of motion.
Flaring from eyes, hot fire sighs by searing saline potions

Earth wisdom must be deeply sought with open ears of vision,
my moons and tides swum fearlessly, despite wave’s cool collision
Seek, find and purify by witnessing my skin of Elements
Embody the enigma and embrace effortless elegance

Here she rests
The goddess
Not waiting to be witnessed
Witnessing herself


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Penpals. The secret to becoming a better writer.

Someone asked me the other day how to most effectively cultivate their comfort and familiarity with their written voice, so they would be able to tap into inspiration more easily.

I told them my trick, and I thought it would be nice to share it. The answer is simple – pen pals!! I have had various penpals ever since i was a little girl.

My first penpal I met in the ocean in Maine. We both had turned blue as a strategy to stay in the ocean for hours. We body boarded and talked about all our mutual interests, and continued sending snail mail back and forth until high school, when we drifted apart.

Once email was invented, I was all set! I would write long page long emails to anyone and everyone, expounding on silly puns, turning a simple sentence into a whole paragraph diatribe of tangential metaphorical musings, then eventually weaving it back into the original subject.

I’m sure some of my recipients didn’t even bother to read my entire rant, but many did, and most importantly – I did! I would read back over my letters and edit them, and learn about myself by what I wrote to others.

The trick is to ultimately write for yourself. For the pleasure it brings. For the self-discovery of letting your inner You pour out of your fingers, and then reflecting back on it, to see what you have to tell yourself. (It helps as stimulus to have a third party to write For … this expands us out of the way we write when we are journaling, which is often more systematic and less creative.)

I fell in love with a man, once, due to our daily letters back and forth. We were together for a year, and he travelled a lot, but It was perfect because we wrote each other every day, and i got to share my love with him, AND have an excuse to gush words!

I have made and maintained deep friendships thanks to our mutually compatible writing styles.

One time I even signed up for for 3 days simply because i wanted to find people to write with, and out of all the people I only connected with One person. I told him I was just looking for a writing buddy. He was a Buddhist, and the most safe, brotherly, brilliant awesome writing buddy ever. We became good friends in person, and we still are homies.

Penpalling is something you can’t force. It’s like chemistry. You either ping pong off of each other with similar interests and styles and advice and thoughts, or you don’t. Sometimes you go through phases of writing and then not writing. Either way, it stimulates you to express yourself. And that is the secret to self development.

It was great being a creative writing major in college, but really the only thing that worked about that was that it facilitated forcing me to write. A lot. And learn a few strategies. And learn rules to then break.

THe lesson is – Just. Do. It.

Find what stimulates you to do what you want to do. And do that. Good stuff!

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